Ambleside Distillers

About This Project

Completed: 2022

Client: Ambleside Distillers 

Ambleside were an absolute joy to work with throughout this whole project! They had a specific water requirement for their distillery & we had the solution! Through a series of design and sizing options, Freshwater and the team at Ambleside joined forces to produce a truly unique solution to the family distillery, which is fast growing to become one of South Australia’s best Gin.

A Reverse Osmosis Plant coupled with a flow and return polishing system, all enclosed within a Colorbond enclosure (which matches the building of course), delivers pressurised, high quality RO water throughout the distillery 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.

We love working on projects like this, thank you to Matt and the rest of the family for being so great to work with.


  • Freshwater Systems CNRO ~240L/hour Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • High Pure Storage & circulation system complete with bacteria filters & Ultraviolet Steriliser
  • Flow and Return ring main circulating RO Water throughout the distillery
Food and Beverage