Industrial Water Filter South Australia

Industrial Water Filter South Australia

Get Our Quality Industrial Water Filter in South Australia

Our team at Freshwater Systems will install an industrial filter at your workplace in South Australia that exceeds industry standards. Filtration is essential since it assists in the removal of suspended solids from water. Many industrial filtration systems are available depending on the particle size and the water quality requirements. At Freshwater Systems, we specialise in managing and distributing water treatment equipment. We are a South Australian-owned and operated business. We are proud to be recognised as local industry leaders.

Freshwater Systems began its operations in 1991, but the management team has over 65 years of experience. This means that there is no water treatment plant we cannot manufacture. We have also cemented a primary position in the Total Water Management industry since we can produce tailored water solutions to meet your needs. We are here to ensure your domestic or industrial water is clean for consumption and use in industrial processes.

South Australia’s Reliable and Affordable Industrial Water Filter

Freshwater Systems has offered industrial water filters to South Australian clients for over 30 years. Our filters vary depending on the application. Here are some of the filters you will find in our collection;

  • Media filters
  • Replacement filters
  • Rainwater systems

Water filtration is required in every industry. The filters are used in chemical processing, reverse osmosis, desalination, water treatment, and agriculture. Industrial filters remove small impurities. However, they have the highest level of efficacy since they can purify vast quantities of water. The filters work with the help of tiny pores to allow water to seep. The type of filter to choose depends on the volume of impurities in the water, particle size, operating conditions, and the operating cost of the filters. Industrial filters can run automatically or manually. Do not hesitate to call our team if you have any questions or need a water filter.

Industrial Water Filter South Australia
Industrial Water Filter South Australia

Benefits of Using Our Industrial Water Filter in South Australia

Since most water sources have impurities, using the right industrial filter for your South Australian company is essential. Here are the benefits of using industrial water filters.

  • Reduction of Suspended Solids
    The basic function of most filtration systems is to reduce the concentration of suspended solids. They provide an excellent way to lighten the load on downstream systems in process water applications.
  • Greater Treatment Efficiency
    Filters are used as a supplement to other treatment systems to improve the efficiency of the overall treatment. The efficiency comes down to either pre-treatment or polishing.
  • Less Equipment Maintenance
    Industrial water filters provide lower equipment maintenance when operated on in maximum efficiency conditions.
  • Reduce Other Contaminants
    Industrial water filters do not only work for suspended solids. Different filtration systems can remove pollutants like trace metals, ammonia, volatile organic compounds, iron, and other contaminants.

Please speak to one of our experts if you need an industrial water filter in South Australia.