Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ongoing maintenance after the equipment is installed?

As well as the design, build and installation of plant equipment, Freshwater Systems provides efficient and professional industrial waste water, water treatment, cooling towers and boilers, High Pure Water,and every day domestic servicing.

How often would you recommend servicing Freshwater System’s equipment?

You can take your maintenance proficiency one step further to avoid any unplanned downtime by arranging a regular water equipment-servicing schedule, to ensure system reliability and peak performance, while maximising water quality, protecting your employees and increasing the life span of your equipment.

Do you offer emergency breakdown repair on all systems – not just those made by Freshwater?

Freshwater Systems Service Department operates a 24/7 technical support call-out roster with an experienced service technician who is ready to travel within two hours.

Freshwater systems have a whole division devoted to providing maintenance and service to keep our customers’ water treatment facilities in peak operating condition. We can maintain any water treatment system – not just our own.

Would you recommend refurbishing filtration equipment in time?

Improving or extending the life of your existing water system through refurbishment or repair, can, if handled correctly, offer great commercial benefit and provide a cost effective alternative to the purchase of new plant.

What makes Reverse Osmosis (RO) superior to other filtration systems?

Put simply, RO has the ability to purify water to a standard far beyond any other filtration technology. Its advanced capabilities allow industries of varying types to utilise water that is cleaner, fresher, and more versatile. From use in medical practices and hospitals, to wineries, farms and domestic drinking water, RO is incredibly adaptable, and is regarded as #1 in water purification.

Do you install all water systems?

For domestic systems we can take care of the entire process, from design and build to installation and ongoing servicing. We do not generally offer installation for larger scale projects, but we are available for ongoing maintenance.

Can your filter systems replace other Filter Brands?

Yes, Freshwater Systems have a large range of drinking systems & filters to suit existing systems.

Do you have a drinking system that removes fluoride?

Yes, Under-sink Reverse Osmosis System.

Will a water softener help with my skin irritations?

Yes. Water softeners are great addition to your home if you suffer from skin conditions such as Eczema or Psoriasis. By removing “hard chemicals” such as Calcium and Magnesium from the water, it leaves the water “Soft” on the skin.

I have a problem with my pressure pump at home. Can you assist?

Yes. Freshwater Systems’ Service Division is a team of highly trained water treatment technicians who are capable of servicing both domestic and commercial issues.

Can you clean river water for my shack/house?

Yes, we can custom design an Ultra Filtration (UF) plant that will not only clean your water (like tap water), but take out 99.9% of bacteria & viruses.

My bore water is too salty for my sheep/cattle – what can be done?

Our core business is Reverse Osmosis (RO). This is a filtration process that removes over 95% of the salts in water. If you provide a water analysis, we can quote a custom made system for your property. And as you know, your stock will “do” a lot better on nice, fresh, clean water. (ie, breeding, fattening, general health)

***Also, cleaning dam water can be just as beneficial. Studies have shown that stock thrive on water that is bacteria free, where stock either not allowed to drink from the dam directly or bacteria is removed from the dam water. Dairy cows are also susceptible to poor water quality.

Are there any bugs in rainwater?

There is a high potential for bugs in any water unless it’s disinfected. The issue is with the contaminants on your roof, piping system and tank. Typically, we would install UV steriliser at its point of use – meaning it disinfects as the water is passing through it.

I want a desalination system for my boat – do you have a system to do this?

Yes, we can custom design a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant (SWRO) to convert sea water for potable use.

Still have questions?