Demineralised Water Plant Melbourne

Demineralised Water Plant Melbourne

Your Leading Demineralised Water Plant Supplier in Melbourne

Freshwater Systems are proud to be recognised as the leading manufacturer and distributor of demineralised water plants in Melbourne. We are a South Australian company specialising in water treatment equipment. The company was established in 1991, but our management boasts over 60 years of industrial experience. We have employed 24 staff who provide superior products and customer services. As a South Australian-owned and operated business, we take pride in being local industry leaders and are increasingly gaining traction throughout Australia due to our constant success with projects.

Our team provides pre-engineered designs and custom-built solutions for water treatment projects of all capabilities and complexities. We are agents and distributors of reputable brands like Netzsch, Tsurumi, Calpeda, Lowara and associated products. We also work closely with Adelaide’s leading Consulting Engineers, who assist us in customising pump and water treatment systems for medical, commercial, and domestic applications.

About Our Demineralised Water Plant in Melbourne

Our demineralised water plants in Melbourne work by removing mineral salts from water using the ion exchange process. The system removes ionic mineral pollutants almost completely. Demineralised water is also called deionised water since it has had its mineral ions removed. Mineral ions like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper are common ions present in water. A demineralised water plant uses specially manufactured ion exchange resins to provide ion exchange for the replacement of mineral salts.

The demineralised water plant works in two ways; the two-bed and mixed-bed ion exchange. The two-bed ion exchangers treat a stream with two or more ion exchange resin beds. A stream is initially treated with a strong acid cation resin that collects dissolved cations and releases hydrogen ions. The mixed-bed ion exchange contains many ion exchange resins within a single column. When a stream is fed to the unit, the cation and anion’s exchange reactions occur simultaneously within the unit.

Demineralised Water Plant Melbourne
Demineralised Water Plant Melbourne

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A demineralised water plant has many advantages in Melbourne, including;

  • Improved aesthetics and rugged design
  • User friendly, low maintenance and easy installation
  • Simpler distribution and collection systems
  • Quick availability
  • Pre dispatch assembly check
  • The multiport valves are top-mounted and side-mounted with the necessary high-pressure rating PVC piping.
  • Single valve operation as compared to the six valves in conventional filters
  • Each operating step is marked on the valve, thereby eliminating the chances of error in the operating sequence.
  • It’s simplified frontal Piping, single valve assembly, and simpler distribution collecting systems are very easy to install.

A demineralised water treatment plant has many applications like boiler feed water, textiles, pharmaceuticals, swimming pools, and hospitals. Freshwater Systems offer quality demineralised water plants. With our extensive experience, you can expect us to provide our Melbourne clients with the top products and customer services. Let us help you purify your water.

Freshwater Systems is known for its extensive range of demineralised water plants in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today.