Containerised Water Treatment Plant

Containerised Water Treatment Plant

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A containerised water treatment plant is ideal in places with no buildings or infrastructure where water needs to be treated. These places include rural areas, schools, mining areas, or new building sites. At Freshwater Systems, we are Adelaide’s leading manufacturer and distributor of water treatment equipment. We have over 100 years of combined filtration and hydraulic experience, meaning we can provide quality products and unmatched services. We pride ourselves on being a local industry leader, and we are gradually moving to the national level thanks to our constant success with previous projects.

Our General Manager, Jeff Nicholas, has over 40 years of experience in the plumbing and water treatment industry. Being the founder of Freshwater Systems, he prides himself on the quality of each water treatment plant custom fabricated equipment made right here in Adelaide. The Sales Manager, James Di Salvio, with 30 years of pumping & hydraulics experience, while our Service Manager, Rodney Millard also boasts nearly 20 years water treatment experience as well as Manages our large service division consisting of technicians, administrators & coordinators. Our entire team is highly experienced, tallying nearly 150 years of combined experience.

Get a Quality Containerised Water Treatment Plant

Our containerised water treatment plant can change many people’s lives since it allows for easy, clean, and safe access to water. We design each containerised solution based on the clients’ specific needs. We know that industries look for ways to reduce costs and installation timelines for water treatment and other systems. Containerised equipment comes with many benefits in addition to erecting field projects. Water treatment companies use different containers. The commonly used one is the industry standard ISO shipping containers available in 20 and 53 feet. These shipping containers are relatively low cost, abundant, easy to transport, and rugged.

The primary advantage of containerised treatment system is that we can incorporate many site designs. The containers can accommodate modifications like doors, windows, and connection gland plates. We can also install modular, skidded treatment systems like reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, chemical feed, and pumping systems. A containerised treatment system reduces site installation requirements since they arrive completely shop fabricated with all piping, wiring, and testing.

Containerised Water Treatment Plant
Containerised Water Treatment Plant

Contact Us for a Containerised Water Treatment Plant

At Freshwater Systems, we provide superior services and attention to detail to supply a quality containerised water treatment plant. We understand that the unit will differ in size depending on the project scale, water requirements, and objectives. Our team will discuss your issues and provide you with a free, no-obligation budget to give you a relatively accurate idea of the project cost. If you decide to continue with our services, we will prepare a detailed breakdown of the expenses. We customise each quote to ensure it reflects the project type. Our team will then get to work and complete your project to the highest standards.

Our Service Department operates 24/7 technical support headed by an experienced service technician who is ready to travel to your site within two hours. We have a department devoted to providing maintenance and other services to keep your water treatment plant in peak operating condition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have questions about the containerised water treatment plant.