Australia Freshwater Systems – Vietnam

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Bringing Together Water Expertise and Local Understanding

Australia Freshwater Systems has been created by the joining of two companies who bring together world-leading knowledge of water treatment, and a local understanding of the water needs of Vietnam.

With a vision of bringing choice, quality manufacture and innovation to Vietnam, Australia Fresh Water Systems is introducing our Whole House Reverse Osmosis system and medical-grade water treatment solutions to industry and domestic users throughout the country.

Manufacturing for Over 30 Years

Australia Freshwater Systems partner with Australian manufacturing leader Freshwater Systems Australia Pty Ltd for quality solutions in water treatment for supply to Vietnam.

Freshwater Systems Australia Pty Ltd has been manufacturing, supplying, and installing whole house water filters in Australia since our establishment in 1991. With over 30 years of experience as leaders in water treatment systems and custom water treatment design, you know Australia Freshwater Systems supply product quality you can trust.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Most houses in Vietnam utilise filtration, purifiers and disinfection methods to decontaminate and remove disease from the mains water.

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most commonly used in homes and offices, however most systems cater for only one outlet. Whole house water reverse osmosis filtration enables you to enjoy continuous pure, safe water throughout your whole house. An excellent way to improve your family’s health and well-being.

Whole house reverse osmosis unit
Whole house reverse osmosis unit stainless steel cabinet


Installing our whole house water filters allows you to enjoy the benefits of pure and safe water throughout your home, supplied from a singe unit:

Higher Purity

  • Drink straight from your tap
  • Brush teeth safely
  • A higher level of purity than other water treatment technologies
  • Chlorine dosing, UV and medical-grade bacteria filtration for effective bacteria control

Whole House Benefits

Whole-house supply without multiple under-bench systems.

  • Use in bathrooms and laundry without additional units
  • Softer, cleaner water for softer hair, linen and clothing
  • Outdoor filtration means more cabinet space
  • Less detergent/soap required
  • Variable speed constant-pressure pump

House Appliance Protection

Protection of appliances, fixtures and pipes caused by scale/mineral deposits.

  • Reduces plumbing and repair costs
  • Increases appliance lifespan such as hot water systems, dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and small household appliances


A better choice for our planet due to

  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Minimized water wastage

Water is a crucial fluid in our lives, and it only makes sense if we make it clean and safe. Our team is dedicated to helping treat your water. We are the one-stop shop for your water treatment equipment. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Medical-Grade Water Filtration

Australia Freshwater Systems partner with Australian manufacturing leader Freshwater Systems Australia Pty Ltd, a leader in hospital, renal, pharmaceutical and medical water filtration solutions. Having installed over 80 custom water filtration units, including the largest hospital in the Southern hemispere, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, you can trust our manufacturing expertise.

Contact our technical team to discuss the water filtration requirements of your project, by phone, email or  online form below.