Whether you use a domestic, under sink unit for your family, or a large-scale industrial system, our team at Freshwater Systems will install your water purification unit upon delivery.

Freshwater Systems Australia containerised desalination plant, capable of producing 800,000 litres per day.

For your convenience Freshwater Systems has the capacity to deliver your water purification systems anywhere in Australia using our own transportation facilities.

After Sales Service and Maintenance

At Freshwater Systems, quality after sales service, maintenance and support are essential features of our commitment to our customers.

We understand that your family or company relies on our systems for a range of purposes, often vital.

All Freshwater Systems products are installed on purchase to ensure that correct procedures are in place from the first use of your system.

We offer warrantees and after sales support and servicing to optimise the effectiveness and longevity of your unit.

Remote site systems are monitored from our base in Adelaide via computer to allow us to conduct regular systems checks and to ensure that we can respond to any potential problems.

In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with one of our systems, we have maintenance teams on 24-hour standby to ensure that you receive our prompt attention and that any loss of production is kept at a minimum.

Duplex 36" (90.7cm) Water Softener.

All of our water purification systems come with a standard 12-month warranty on parts and include after sales maintenance and service.